GDPR Toolkit

Helping your business to achieve GDPR compliance, one step at a time

GDPR is colossal and demands huge organisational changes when it comes to personal data handling.  There are so many opinions, myths and conflicting advice surrounding GDPR that it can be hard to get started, let alone stay on the right track.

Non-compliance can end up in big fines of up to €20 million or 4% of your annual global turnover, whichever is highest. The ICO can also force you to destroy data and can be hugely destructive to your reputation.

We’ve compiled this website as a resource for our customers written a guide for businesses so you can tackle GDPR compliance one chunk at a time.

The ICO's 12 steps

The ICO has published a guide on achieving GDPR compliance. We translate it into actions

Consent checklist

Deal with personal data? Have customers? Then you need to read this, and apply it to every data set you have

To DPO or not to DPO?

Appointing an external DPO is a surefire way to compliancy, but it’s expensive. We examine the pros and cons

Controller or Processor?

The definition, and how to establish which one you are and what systems you need to have in place

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