Achieving GDPR compliance through our passion for technology

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noun: /səˈpɔːt/ – a thing that bears the weight of something or keeps it upright

Your business is everything to you. Technology for business is everything to us. Together, we’d make the perfect team. 

GDPR is arguably one of the most pressing legislations that every business will face. We’re an IT support company who uses technology to help organisations to achieve GDPR compliance. We deliver you a robust, resilient IT service but we also future-proof your business technology, recommending services and platforms before you know they exist.

We’re an innovative Brighton-based IT support company, currently serving locations all over the UK. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional technology and outstanding customer service to businesses; from engineering consultancies to TV production firms to extreme sports providers.

End your GDPR headache today – let’s do it together. 

The Hero IT Mindset

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No charge for on-site work. Engineers get straight to work, making response times faster.
Resolution to problems


No limit on labour. Engineers keep working until the issue is fully investigated and completely resolved.
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No excuses. Unlimited support means Hero IT Support has a clear responsibility to manage your infrastructure.
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Win-win resolution

No time to waste. Resolving issues properly means fewer additional call-outs, benefiting everyone.

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