You’ve read the 12 steps, you’ve completed the checklist, you’ve weighed up the pros and cons or a DPO and you’ve looked at how to map the data within your organisation. 

But where on earth do you start, how are you going to find the time and who do you ask for help with all of this?

Meet your GDPR partner at Hero IT Support

Ragnar is the Director of Hero IT Support and has been for over 10 years after graduating The University of Sussex with a BSc in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. Ragnar originally set up the company as Fitsystems Ltd and rebranded to Hero IT Support in September 2017. To see why he rebranded the company, click here.

Over the years, Ragnar has developed an expertise in software development, data security and encryption. He is also an active public speaker and business technology partner alongside being a GDPR practitioner, which helps our existing customers feel safe and compliant when it comes to data and IT.

Ragnar’s mission for Hero IT Support is to continuously improve and optimise businesses with the latest and leading technology. He aims to for us to become technology partners to every customer. His passion for technology means reducing downtime and saving money for our customers is a priority. To find out more about who we are and what we do, read about us.

Looking for system/platform recommendations?  

We’re an IT support business so we know all about software and systems.

Many systems function perfectly well but have not been optimised for GDPR and cannot capture/store data securely enough for GDPR.  Unfortunately, this is not an excuse for non-compliancy and these systems need to be replaced. 

If your current system isn’t up to scratch and you need some quick advice, get in touch today.  

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